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All Valley offers full eradication of Bee Hives, Swarms, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bumble Bees and Hornets.

“I’ve been using All Valley Honey & Bee for years. Today we had our roofer out. A wasp nest was created under our shingles creating a hole and a leak in our roof. I called All Valley and within two hours they sent someone out and eradicated the very large nest. They also inspected our entire exterior and found quite a few nests. What a find they are! I highly recommend them – from the person who takes the call and schedules to the experts they send out. And please note: if you have a problem with a bee hive they will come and if at all possible to do, will remove the hive and transfer it to a safe haven. Please always use that as your first option.”
Joan M – Marina del Rey, CA

“These guys know their stuff. I had the Bee Guys from Tustin come out because I had lots of bees by my pool. They charged me $150 and said the bees would be gone in 5-7 days. They were, but they came back. They then told me that they were different bees and I would have to pay an additional $150. I called All Valley on the advice of my Pest Control company and they were great. They showed me that the Bee Guys had stuffed some paper in the hole and sprayed foam to seal it. What they didn’t do was remove or tell me that was at least 10 pounds of honeycomb inside and the bees would continue to come back until it was gone. All Valley removed the honeycomb, instructed us on how to seal the opening and discarded the waste. I highly recommend them.”
Jodi F – Orange, CA

“I hope I have the right branch of All Valley! Peter and Edward came out to both my store and my house today, to remove wasp nests. They found some nests I hadn’t seen–whew! They were courteous, fast, efficient, professional, effective, friendly–what more could you ask for?”
Jill W – Valley Village, CA

“I have never experienced such great customer service. Jackie was so helpful and truly concerned about the wellbeing of my nephews. She made it happen!!! And the gentlemen that came to asses the situation were very sweet and you could tell are very educated and experienced in what they do. Thank you nico!! (I’m sorry I didn’t get the other guys name) thank you very much!!!”
Maggie A – Glendale, CA

“Woke up this morning and spotted a wasp’s nest outside near our roof. Called All Valley Honey and Bee and they were at our house minutes after hanging up the phone. Took them five minutes to safely remove the nest. Can’t think of anything they could’ve done better. And the price was very reasonable. Very professional, very courteous.”
Steve F – Los Angeles, CA

“I called All Valley Honey & Bee. I had a swarm of bee’s in my kitchen vent hood. They came out when they told me, and they took care of the problem and put screen material in the vent, so the bee’s would not come back. They gave me a three month guarantee. These guys are pros they know what to do and the did a great job! This company is top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and neighbors. Thank you very much All Valley Honey & Bee.”
Robert K – Los Angeles, CA

“After having unsatisfactory experiences with several other companies over the years, on the recommendation of a neighbor, I had All Valley out to remove bees and honey from the wall of my house two years ago. The bees came back this spring and I called them out again. Their contract has a clear and prominently placed 3 year warrantee in the contract. They removed the bees and honey and repaired the wall all at no cost. I don’t know where the other reviewer got the idea that they don’t have a written warrantee. My two year old contract had it very clear and right up front. I am very happy with All Valley.”
Ronald H – Canoga Park, CA