Bumble Bee Removal

Bumble Bee RemovalBumble Bee Removal

Need to have your Bumble Bees removed? A bumble bee swarm can be intimidating and so removing your bumble bees can be something you would want to get done in a hurry.

The difference between the bumble bee and her distant cousin the honey bee; unlike the honey bee the bumble bee is a lot more docile and slower. As she buzzes around the garden collecting pollen and nectar she is different to her relative who dashes about everywhere. Even her body shape is different. The bumble bee is round and furry and not at all like her honey bee cousin. All bees are seen at different times of year. Only the Queen and the worker bees have a stinger.

Important Facts to Know About Bumble Bees

  • Because they live in small nests bumble bees never swarm
  • Bumble bees do not produce enough honey for commercial use, just a few grams at a time to feed their young
  • Not all bumble bees have a stinger. Drones, smaller male bees that hatch in mid summer have no sting at all.
  • Bumble bees are much less aggressive than honey bees. Generally they will not attack a human at all, unless their life is under threat.
  • Bumble bees do not lose their sting and die if they use it, as a honey bee will.
  • Do not to disturb a nest if you see it. If it’s in an awkward place try to put up with it for a few weeks. Remember it will die out with the first frosts and can then be safely removed.

If you have bumble bees, let’s get them removed now. We have trucks in or near your area today. Bumble bee removal is our specialty, so let us remove your bumble bees today. Call us, or fill out the form on this page. 866-233-2668.